30.8.-3.9.2016: International Degrowth Conference Budapest


The 5th International Degrowth Conference will take place in Budapest from 30 August to 3 September 2016The conference will host more than 500 academics, researchers and practitioners who will present their latest work through over 40 special sessions and 200 shorter paper presentations, in addition to contributions from twenty keynote speakers.

Contributions referring to the commons

31.8.2016, 14:30 Uhr: Carework as Commons: Towards A Feminist Degrowth Agenda, by Bengi Akbulut

31.8.2016, 14:30 UhrCommoning against the crisis, by Angelos Varvarousis

1.9.2018, 11:30 Uhr: Decolonising participation? Community forestry and the more-than-human commons, by Naomi Millner

1.9.2016, 14:30 Uhr: Infrastructure and organisational patterns for socio-technical commons, by Kei Kreutler, Maxime Lathuilière, Gualter Barbas Baptista

2.9.2018, 11:30 Uhr: How to construct the alternative to capitalism? Discovering the commons in the environmental justice movements, by Defne Gonenc

2.9.2016, 14:30 Uhr: Reclaiming the commons from theory to practice, by Laura Lara Martín, Luis Romero, Antonio Valera Lozano, Carme Melo