6.-9.9.2016: International Sustainability Transitions Conference, Wuppertal


The 7th International Sustainability Transitions (IST) Conference will take place in Wuppertal from 6-9 September 2016. The IST Conference will be hosted by the Wuppertal Institute, in cooperation with the Center for Transformation Research and Sustainability (TransZent) at the University of Wuppertal. The conference is the annual opportunity to share theoretical, empirical and practical advances in the field of sustainability transitions. The conference is part of the activities of the Sustainability Transitions Research Network (STRN) and is linked to the journal Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions (EIST).

Contributions from the commons perspective

7.9. 16.45 Uhr – 18.15 Uhr: On the societal embeddedness of commons, by Johannes Euler

8.9. 11.00 Uhr – 12.30 Uhr: The social practice of commoning as core determinant for commons, by Johannes Euler